Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 2 of Rough Sodding

On Wednesday another 18,000 square feet of sod was delivered and installed between holes #2 and #10. So far a total of 36,000 square feet has been laid. We are estimating another 9,000 square feet will finish the project. With the wet weather and steep slopes it will be next week until the final portion of sod will be laid. There are also small areas where small pieces of sod will need to be installed such as around trees and in corners where the large rolls can not reach.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#2 and #10 Rough Sod Update

On Tuesday, 18,000 square feet of Turf Type Tall Fescue sod was delivered and installed by Coombs Sod. There will be a total of 45,000 square feet installed. Another 18,000 square feet is being delivered and installed Wednesday.

Each truck holds 36 rolls. Each roll having 250 square feet of sod.

The rolls are delivered to the area to be sodded,
A special machine is used to install the large rolls. Netting is removed while the sod is being laid.

Monday, March 23, 2015

#3 and #7 Walk Path Preparation

Today the excavation for the walk paths on #3 and #7 is being completed. These along with the cart path between #2 and #10 will have the PorousPave material installed as early as next week, depending on the weather.

#3 Walk Path from Black Tee to Cart Path

Removal of Existing Brick Path to #7 Tee

Excavation for New Walk Path to #7 Tees

We are hoping to have at least 20,000 sq. ft. of sod laid tomorrow (Tuesday) between holes #2 and #10. The rest of the sod is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and our schedule remains intact.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#2 and #10 Rough Conversion Update for 3.18.15

After a month of no work due to poor weather conditions, Total Turf Golf Services is back to finish this work. Today they are finishing up the work to the right of #2 green next to the cart path.

Afterwards they will move to excavate out the sub-base for the Porous Pave path between #2 and #10.

While there are many moving parts, the schedule for now is the following:

-Finish prep for area between #2 and #10 on Thursday, March 19
-Sod area Tuesday, March 24 and Wednesday March 25
-Apply sub-base aggregate to cart path between #2 and #10 on Thursday, March 26
-Apply sub-base aggregate for walk paths on #3 and #7 on Friday, March 27
-Pour the Porous Pave material on Monday, March 30 and Tuesday March 31

Again, many factors involved including the weather that may alter this schedule.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Great Melt

Tried to get around the course today but got stuck multiple times just on the cart paths. Was unable to get to the most snow and ice covered portions of the course but here are a few photos from what I did see.

Hole #5
Hole #14
Hole #15

Hole #18