Monday, May 16, 2011


Today we began injecting our collars with a material called Profile. This material is an inorganic soil amendment. The machine used to inject the Profile into the rootzone is called a DryJect. In less then a second it shoots water into the collar creating a hole then quickly fills it with Profile creating a clean process.

Here's an underground look at the finished product:

The reason we are doing this is because the collars dry out quicker then the rest of the greens. As can be seen in the photo above there are several layers in the rootzone from previous sodding which does not allow the water to penetrate very deep. Once it does, this is what it looks like below the top few inches:

We did a soil physical analysis and discovered that water moves through this sand at an amazing 110 inches per hour! Very hard to keep moist when water moves through so fast.

While one application of the Profile will not solve this issue, it is a step towards the right direction in getting a bit more moisture into the rootzone of the collars.

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