Friday, July 1, 2011

Wetting Fork

As the weather warms up dry spots appear throughout the golf course. These areas are called Localized Dry Spots (LDS) and are hydrophobic. This means the soil repels water. So applying the normal amount of irrigation to these areas is not sufficient. We use several different tools to help with this. Wetting agents help make the irrigation water "wetter" so that the soil is attracted to the water instead of repelling it.

Now we have another option. A wetting fork. This is inserted into the soil and is connected to a hose with a valve and looks like this:

The water is injected in different directions underneath the turf to get the soil wet. Here our intern from Delaware Valley College, David Smith, demonstrates on #13 forward tee how it inserts into the soil:

Then the valve is opened and the water comes out:

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