Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Shutdown Renovation Work-#3 Tee Construction Process

We have greatly increased the teeing space on #3 tee by combining the white tees with the blue tees. This was done by raising the white tee 18 inches and lowering the blue tee 18 inches. The result is approximately 40% more teeing space! The goal is to give divots additional time to recover. By adding the space we have more areas where we can place the tee markers giving divots added recovery time.

First the existing sod was removed from the tees:

Next the rock wall that separated the blue and white tees was removed:

Then the soil from the blue tee was used to fill the white tee:

Next, drainage trenches were dug. Perforated pipe and gravel were installed:

We decided to use a special tee mix that consists of 70% sand, 20% topsoil and 10% agresoil. The agresoil holds nutrients and slowly releases them. Notice the specialized equipment called Thwaites used by McDonald and Sons to bring the mix in. It is the yellow machine in the second photo:

Once the tee mix is installed a laser is used to make sure the grade is correct. There is a receiver on the tractor that picks up the beam from the laser and automatically adjusts the blade on the back of the tractor to insure it's on-grade:

Finally the tee is hand prepped and sod is laid:

The finished product:

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