Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue and Yellow Paint on the Course

While playing golf this week you may notice some blue and yellow paint on the course. The blue is around the bunkers as in this picture:

We are applying a combination of products to bunker surrounds this week via liquid. In order to know where we have been a blue dye, similar to food coloring, is added to the water. The blue is non-staining and washes away within a few days.

On the collars a yellow dot has been painted to mark the collar and green edge. We'd like to make the collars an even width so that they can be mowed with one mower pass. As of now the collar width varies and multiple passes are needed. The additional passes by the mowers causes extra stress to the turf which is unwanted.

We use a PVC tee and a paint gun to insure the widths are the same:

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