Wednesday, July 11, 2012

News and Notes-July 11, 2012

-It has been 29 days since we have had measurable rainfall.

-Fairways and tees are recovering nicely. Turf Screen was applied Monday to tees and fairways. Yesterday and today a wetting agent was applied to tees and fairways. The Turf Screen acts as a sunscreen would but with turf, not allowing harmful light, called UVB radiation, to reach the plant but allowing beneficial light in for plant growth. Not a cure all, but it is helping. The wetting agent helps make our irrigation more efficient by spreading out the moisture through the soil on fairways and tees.

-Seen some cart damage on fairways #12 and #14 so we are cautiously and slowly allowing carts to return to the fairways depending on the weather.

-Please let me know your thoughts and comments on hitting off the bermudagrass located on the lower driving range tee.

-Greens are very healthy!

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