Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Driving Range Bermudagrass Photos

Took these photos today (Wednesday, August 1st) two weeks after divots were taken from the lower driving range tee. As you can see the two bermudagrasses are almost completely filled in while the bent/rye mix still has a ways to go.

Patriot Bermudagrass
Latitude Bermudagrass

Bent/Ryegrass mix

As a reminder, the bermudagrasses do great when the tempeature is hot and is in full sunlight.


  1. The Bermuda areas look great and wear well through the summer. It does play markedly different than the fairways on the course but if it's just for the summer, it sure beats mats. Is the ultimate plan to have a mixed grass practice tee? I would hope that after the hot summer months we could hit off bent in the spring and fall. Is this a possibility?

    Thanks again.


  2. Dr. Chua,

    We are still looking at all options for the driving range tee. At this time no decision has been made. However your feedback on the Bermudagrass is very important and appreciated!