Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tee #3 Drill and Fill

In order to improve the drainage on #3 tee we are introducing some faster draining sand into what is currently in place. To do this we go through a process called Drill and Fill. There are actually machines that do this work if you were to use it on several greens, but for just one tee we are doing it manually.

The process work like this. First a piece of plywood is made as a template with 3/4 inch wide holes spaced on 6 inch centers:

The plywood is placed on top of the tee and a drill that is 3/4 inch wide is used that goes into the rootzone approximately 8 inches deep and removes most of what is currently there:

Next, sand that drains quicker then what is in place is filled into the holes using a watering can:

This gives us channels for the water to drain while maintaining the existing rootzone which is rich in nutrients.

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