Thursday, January 31, 2013

Par Three Tee Renovation and Expansion

During the Winter shutdown of 2013 we are expanding and renovating the blue tees on holes #6 and #13 and the black tee on #16. We have again contracted McDonald and Sons Golf Course Builders ( to help with the heavy lifting of the project.

So far the weather has not cooperated as it did last year. But we are making progress. 

Starting off we are expanding #6/#13 blue tees both to the front and the back. In order to do this we are building a retaining wall in front of the existing tees.

First the existing field rock was removed.

This stone is stored to be used later. Next a footer is dug in front of the tee and 75 pound blocks are laid over base material.



The reason for the retaining wall is so the tee stays in place without sloughing off in front. This retaining wall when complete will be faced with the stone that was removed so it will not be seen. But the function of this wall will remain intact meaning that material can be back filled behind this wall to be used for teeing space without worry of the tee sliding.


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