Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tees and Some Other Notes

This year we are putting an emphasis on the turf coverage of tees. One important part of our program is tee set-up. We have divided each tee into one, two, three or four sections depending on the width of the tee. In order to spread wear out evenly throughout the tees our set-up staff will rotate the location of the tees amongst these sections.

In order to give the tees a head start coming out of Winter we applied compost. This material is dark and attracts heat. This helped warm the soil temps up on the tees making them greener then the rest of the course. In addition the nutrients in the compost kick started tee growth into high gear.

On #10 green we noticed that the irrigation heads off the front right portion of the green are fairly far away from the green.

We probed the soil around the green and discovered that the original rootzone used for the greens construction extends outward towards these irrigation heads. In order to recapture this lost portion of the green we will be slowly lowering the height of cut in this area.

In addition we will be topdressing more frequently to help smooth it out with the goal of having it puttable within about 8 weeks.

Finally, the warmth we experienced the past few days has given a few annual weeds the opportunity to spurt up in our roughs. These particular weeds due not do well when mowed and will quickly disappear once our rough mowing program begins.

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