Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Root Pruning and Seed in Divot Mix

On Monday we were able to do some root pruning behind #11 and #17 greens. What we do is make a 4-6 inch wide trench about 10-12 inches deep below the drip line of the trees. This will cut the roots without affecting tree health but at the same time remove the competition with the turf for water and nutrients.

Here's a picture from behind #11 green.


Upon closer inspection you can see the amount of roots that were entering into the green itself.

Once the roots are removed the trench is backfilled and seeded.

Also, wanted to answer a question that I was recently asked about seed in the divot mix. We do add seed to the divot mix in the Spring and Fall. During the Summer we do not because it is too hot for the seed to properly germinate and grow. We do ask that divots are filled as the creeping bentgrass will move laterally to fill the divot itself. Albeit it slowly.

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