Friday, July 25, 2014

Lightning Strikes

Thursday morning I received a call from Assistant Golf Professional Brad Lewis as he was opening up the golf shop. He said we had an irrigation leak on #9. Upon arriving to the scene this is what I found.

The bubbling that you see is from the water that came from the broken irrigation line getting caught between the turf and the soil underneath.

Once the valves were closed we were able to find out what happened.

The break came in the middle of the pipe. Very, very unusual as almost all breaks occur at a coupling or joint. Plus the wire was split as well. It was determined that we had lightning strike the ground there and literally blow the pipe up. We also had solenoids on the two nearest irrigation heads split. Meaning that an electrical charge went through the wire. Fortunately solenoids are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace as compared to an irrigation head.

Some of the bubbling was able to be rolled smooth. But about 650 square feet was not. So we removed the turf and leveled.

On Monday we will sod this area.


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