Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Second Day Update on #2 and #10 Rough Conversion

Starting on the upper right hand side of the above map, a path made from Porous Pave (Porous Pave) will be installed to facilitate cart traffic between the two holes. Porous Pave was chosen so we would not have an unsightly concrete path. Instead this brown material will be used to better blend into the surrounds. Starting at this path and going the entire way between the two holes will be primary rough until the arrow noting the end point.

Along the left side of the cart path the secondary rough around the tree near where carts exit the fairway will become primary rough.

Finally, the 15 foot wide strip of secondary rough along the cart path to the right of the green will be converted to primary rough.

White flags mark location for irrigation heads to be installed

Total Turf crew working late to beat the cold weather expected on Friday.

On Thursday extra machinery and staff from Total Turf will be brought in to try and finish the job.

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