Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sod and Porous Pave Project Update

Been a very busy week here with most of our staff from Mexico returning last Tuesday. All greens were aerified and cleaned off on Monday due to the hard work and efforts of assistant superintendents Carey Bailey and Charles Soper; mechanic Tim Urbanski and staff member Tony Roy. Due to an issue with the travel plans of our associates coming from Mexico they were unable to arrive until Tuesday morning. An amazing job by our staff to do so much work with only 4 people.

Besides a few small clean-up items, the sod work on holes #2 and #10 is complete. There was some left over sod that we were able to install on hole #4 which extends the primary rough up towards the rock wall to the right of the fairway.

The subbase for the paths on holes #2, #3 and #7 was installed Thursday by Evergreen Hardscaping. This Monday the Porous Pave will be installed with use by golfers on Wednesday.

#7 tee walk path

#3 tee walk path

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