Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Practice Fairway Bunker Construction

The staff has done an amazing job this week in constructing a practice fairway bunker in front of the driving range tee along the left side fence line. Shaping and drainage are complete. We will add sand and sod on Monday while the course is closed providing us easier access to this area without golfers on the range.

The turf on the entire lower tee will be removed and replaced with primary rough except for the portion directly behind the new practice bunker which will remain a tee and used to practice one's short game. Jim Larkin and staff have planned a great way to make the most of your short game practice in this area.

The following are pictures with short descriptions of the construction process to date:

Concept drawn with turf marking paint.

Removal of existing sod
Initial shaping of the bunker shell
Continued excavation of bunker shell
Edging of bunker
Drainage line excavation
Gravel installation around drainage pipe in trenches
Bunker outflow pipe

Pinki supervising the work

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