Friday, August 28, 2015

Collars and Greens Edges

Have gotten a few questions about the clean-up passes on our greens recently. To define a clean-up pass or green edge please see the photo below.

This clean-up pass is done around the greens and is where our walk greens mowers put down and pick up so as to not scalp the collar. Two passes are made on the outside edge of greens. These areas come under a lot of stress with the picking up and placing down of mowers. While not discussing it directly, this article from the USGA describes some of the challenges with this area along with collars.

USGA Collar Article

During the heat and humidity of summer we reduce the mowing frequency of the clean-up pass and raise the height 0.015" (15 thousands of an inch) above the greens height. This equates to 1/4th the thickness of a nickle. Not noticeable to the naked eye but does give the turf an advantage to the increased stress it receives.

The questions and comments arose about this edge when we lowered the frequency of cut  to one time per week. This was too infrequent and had a "hairy" look to it after a few days of not being mowed. We have now switched to twice a week and once we get through next week's heat wave will go to three times per week. By the middle or end of September. This clean-up pass will be mowed at the same height of cut as the green.

Please note that the "hairy" looking edges that were observed in recent weeks are not due to an increase in height of 15 thousands of an inch but the low frequency of cut per week which we have now increased.

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