Saturday, September 5, 2015

Update on Secondary Rough Seeding 9.6.15

The earlier start date for the seeding this year has helped tremendously. Along with having less acreage to water we are able to focus on 5 acres of new seed versus 20 acres. These pictures taken on #14 show rapid germination already.

Areas that are in the shade and not facing South are showing the greatest amount of germination and growth.

Locations that have been seeded include #13, #14 tee and the hillside between #14 and #15. Right of #7 fairway. Right of #4 fairway and left of #18 fairway. This represents all the major areas that needed to be seeded. Next we will move to the area around the putting green and along the entrance road. Afterwards select smaller areas in the secondary rough will be seeded.

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