Friday, July 22, 2016

News and Notes-July 22, 2016


Seeing dry spots pop up in lots of places. We use small portable sprinklers to get water exactly where we need it. The spot aerification and addition of soil amendments that was done several weeks ago has made a big difference where this was completed. Once the weather gets better we will continue to spot aerify and add amendments where needed to aid in recovery.


Overall they are very good. The walk on/off area on #6 is an issue. We are looking at options for the Fall and/or Spring to improve this area. Same with #11. My hope is to gain approval and implement these plans in the next few weeks so we may start once the weather is conducive for this work.

I am amazed at how far #3 green has come in just a few years. Our records indicate that 90% of the collar was lost in 2012. Now, hardly any. Removing trees and adding a fan has made all the difference in making this green that much better.

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