Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 Winter Shutdown Tree Work

The work being done during 2017's winter shutdown has focused on two projects. The first being the installation of electric to #6 and #11 greens for fans. 

Trenching for the electrical conduit between #3 green and #11 green.

The area behind #3 and #11 greens will be sodded as soon as the weather allows.

Our other focus of work during the shutdown has been tree removal. Both hazardous trees and limbs and those that are blocking sunlight and air movement to greens.

The final standing tree behind #15 green was removed by professionals.

With the removal of the trees to the back right of this green we will have additional morning sun and eliminate the competition between tree roots and turf for water and nutrients.

Another area has been #14 green. In the Fall we removed all the underbrush and several trees behind the green to promote air movement.

Now we are focusing on increasing morning sunlight by removing trees and vegetation to the left of the green.

We will plant Fine Fescue along the hillside next to #15 tees. The area behind #14 green will remain natural but mowed so the underbrush does not grow up.

My next blog post will have pictures of the tree removal between #6 and #13 greens and an explanation of an app we use to determine which trees block sunlight from reaching the turf.

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