Monday, March 28, 2011

Trenching and Aerification

Last night we were able to finish the trenching and installation of the electrical conduit for the power to the new well, halfway house and water features! We are very happy how this turned out.

Today the electricians from Nickle Electric are getting the electrical rack ready for installation tomorrow along with the transformer. These will be installed right next to the new well location.

The rack and transformer will be located where the orange conduit is coming out of the ground to the left of the new well. This picture was taken from the yellow tees on #14.

Once installed White Oak Landscape will build walls around it so it will be hidden from view. The style will be that of a ruins similar to what is on holes #12 and #14.

Here is a picture of Alexander and Vinnie from White Oak Landscape building the arched stoneway where the cart path crosses the creek before you get to #15 green.

Finally, we got a good head start on aerification last night with the hopes of completing it today. We did have a late start due to frost but are well on our way to finishing. Fortunately our seasonal laborers began work today in force. Here they are cleaning the plugs from #6 green.

Here's a link to a great article on aerification: Benefits of Aeration Article

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