Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1 of Aerification-Oct. 17, 2011

As we finish up the first day of aerifcation we are right on schedule. Fairways are almost complete and greens are well on their way to being finished tomorrow. The weather has been great, sunny and dry makes things go easier to pick up the plugs.

When aerifying greens we use 1/2-inch hollow tines on 2-inch centers. That gives us 49 holes per one square foot.  Amazingly, this amounts to just under 5% of the surface being disrupted. That's it! It looks much worse then it actually is.

Here's Juan Nunez with the Toro ProCore 648 on #10 green:

A close up look of the cores:

Afterwards the plugs are moved to the side of the green where they can be picked up. We use snow shovels and a tool called a Level-Lawn to push the plugs to the sides:

Close up look of a Level-Lawn:

Once pushed to the sides of the greens they are picked-up:

Plan on checking out the blog tomorrow (Tuesday) with pictures of fairway aerification and an update on where we are at in the aerification process.

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