Thursday, November 3, 2011

#18 Drainage

With the excessive amount of rain that we've had this Fall a couple of springs have shown up on the 18th hole. These springs travel upward toward the surface via hydraulics. In order to counteract the wetness this causes we are installing underground drainage to capture this water before it reaches the surfaces.

The first area was designed in a herringbone manner as an optimum way to remove the water before reaching the surface. Perforated pipe and pea gravel are installed into the trenches and then into a nearby drain inlet to remove the water.

The matting seen over the drain lines are to help the seed stay in place and germinate faster.

The other area that drainage is being installed is just above the first area. It's a rather small area (5 ft by 5 ft) that has a constant flow of water coming from it. We are digging this area to a depth of 3 ft and installing pea gravel up to 1 ft from the soil surface. Then a solid drain line to a nearby drain basin to remove the water.

In regards to the stacked sod wall bunker in the middle of #18 fairway, we are looking at several options to fix the sloughing of the bunker face that has occurred.

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