Monday, March 26, 2012

News and Notes-March 26, 2012

We are expecting more seasonal temperatures over the next two weeks. This will hopefully give us a chance to catch up on some winter project work that did not get finished due to the warm weather recently. Thought I'd go over some notes as we start the week;

-Green aerification is Monday, April 2nd. This is also when our full staff returns. We will be aerifying tees beginning April 3rd. Due in part to the snow that occurred shortly after our Fall aerification the greens did not completely heal. While it looks as if there are holes in the greens, there are not, rather the turf has not creeped in over the old holes. After our first mowing last week the turf seems to be growing laterally over these voids.

-The driving range tee will be placed on the turf starting Saturday, April 7th.

-Ball washers, cart directional posts, shoe scrubbers, trash cans, etc. will be placed out on the course during the week of April 2nd.

-Today, March 26th we are pouring concrete on hole #3 where we had to cut through the cart path to install irrigation pipe. We will also be installing a concrete mix on hole #8 where a tree root has partially lifted the cart path up.

-The pump for the pond on hole #8 has been removed. A new one is on order and should arrive within 2-3 weeks. This is the pump that recirculates the water from the lower pond to the upper pond therefore creating the waterfall.

-Starting April 3rd we will remove the winter cups and go back to our regular pin rotation on the greens.

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