Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Prep

With the warm weather outside we are trying to wrap up our winter projects so we can get into "Spring Mode" of course maintenance. Would like to pass on some items of note:


The turf is still not growing so we are keeping the tee markers in roughly the same spots as they have been all winter. Our purpose is to only damage one area of the tee. If the markers were to be moved around the tee a larger surface area of the tee would need to be repaired. Therefore it is only one area which we need to repair once the turf starts growing again.

Water Coolers

Greg Taylor, our mechanic, has repaired the existing water coolers on the course and is building a new one to be placed alongside the divot bottle rack between holes #5 and #6. Hope to have the water coolers out on the course next week.  Here's a picture of some of the wood he has recently cut and is getting ready to paint:


Hope to get the first cut on them sometime next week. We have been rolling them several times a week thus far. But the soil temperatures have not been consistently high enough for high amounts of turf growth.


Greenside bunkers are being maintained. Rakes are out in the fairway bunkers. Once the full staff arrives April 2 and aerification is finished we will edge and distribute sand evenly on all bunkers.

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