Thursday, April 17, 2014

Installation of Fan at #3 Green and Blue Pipe in Fescue Areas

We are working on running electrical conduit from the control panel for the well on #4 to behind #3 green. So far the digging has gone well.

Unlike the fans on #8, this fan will be 14 inches larger (thus reducing the need for two fans) and will not have a pole sticking out of the ground during non-use times in the Spring, Fall and Winter. Once the fan is removed only a plastic box flush with the ground will be seen.

For additional information on the benefits of fans for greens please click on the link for this short article in a recent Golfdom Magazine issue.

Golfdom-Fan Article

We have been installing PVC pipe painted blue in Fescue areas.

We are marking the location of irrigation valves so they may be quickly found and turned on or off when a repair is needed. Depending upon the height of the Fescue in the summer we may shortened the pipe as needed.

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