Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bamboo, Cart Paths and Bunkers

We are removing as much of the bamboo to the left of #2 fairway as possible. This is a time consuming process to cut then chip but it will make a big difference on this hole when completed.

A couple of cart path repairs are occurring now. Prep on #8 and #18 is almost complete and we will pour concrete when we are confident there is a day with acceptable weather. Once those are finished we will move to replace a piece between #2 and #3 next to #11 tees.

The cart path on #8 which was buckled up had a large root underneath.

This is what we pulled out.

With the root removed and new concrete being poured there will no longer be a bump when riding along this path.

Currently our staff is edging all bunkers and making sure the sand depth is consistent throughout the bunkers. This is a time consuming process and our hope is to have it done by Tuesday of next week,

If the weather cooperates our first greens mowing will be tomorrow (Thursday).

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