Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014 News and Notes

-We are doing a light grooming on the front nine fairways today. It's similar to verticutting but not as aggressive. On Friday we will do the back nine fairways then repeat in a different direction on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Some "bronzing" of the turf may be noticed but it will quickly grow out. The grooming process will help us eliminate surface irregularities, promote vertical growth and stand-up individual plant blades making for a denser more consistent stand of turf.
-Have begun preparing areas in fairways for sod. We have sod arriving both Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Our goal is to wrap up any "projects" before June so we can focus on turf survival throughout the heat and humidity of summer.
-Have been fielding questions on Poa annua recently. The wet Fall of 2013 coupled with the harsh winter we just had has made Poa a very happy plant. At this point the Poa has just gone through the seed head portion of it's life cycle and will be changing to a lime green color. This is when we are really hitting it with plant growth regulators to promote the growth of bentgrass in these areas. Once hot weather arrives the Poa will begin to check out. There are certainly some areas of concern in collars where we may not have enough bentgrass already in place to grow into the areas that will be vacated by the Poa plants. Rest assured these areas will be monitored closely to ensure there will be good turf coverage.
-The sod on green edges is doing excellent. The height of cut is being slowly lowered to match the green surfaces. A moderate application of topdressing sand was applied yesterday to help smooth out these new areas.

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