Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Update on our Fine Fescue Areas

Would like to update everyone on the work we are doing in our Fine Fescue areas throughout the course. Last Fall I posted the plan we would undertake to rid these areas of weeds and undesirable species and ensure the Fine Fescue grass is our predominant species.

Fine Fescue Post from September 2013

Fine Fescue is the thin, wispy turf where a golf ball may be found easily and looks like this.

So far this year we have applied a pre-emergent herbicide for grassy weeds plus two post-emergent herbicides. One for grassy weeds and the other for broadleaf weeds. Currently we are starting the process of mowing these areas again and following-up with additional post-emergent herbicides for both grassy and broadleaf weeds. This is a rather long, time consuming process and will take several weeks.

These herbicide applications have been very effective in removing the undesirable species causing some areas to turn brown where Fine Fescue was not established. Our weather pattern is 4-5 weeks behind in terms of the amount of heat we would normally have by May 15th thus causing further delay in the growth of the Fine Fescue. Some of these brown areas have Fine Fescue growing through them such as this area between #2 and #10.

Look closely and the desirable Fine Fescue can be seen growing up through the brown leaf material. Not all of the brown areas will fill in with Fine Fescue when the warmer weather arrives. Those areas without adequate turf coverage will be seeded in the Fall.

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