Friday, October 17, 2014

Secondary Rough Seeding Update 10.17.14

We hope to have the hillside to the left of #18 fairway seeded today. Next area to be seeded is the  hillside to the left of #15 tees. Then to the front entrance road.

The first area that was seeded on #3 looks like this.

While this may look spotty and thin, it is actually an excellent stand for Hard Fescue one month after seeding. This is a very fragile and finicky grass to get established. We do not expect to see more growth until about Memorial Day. During the summer of 2015 there will be no seededhead formation from these grasses. It will be a battle to keep weeds away until full establishment.

To the left of #16 tees we seeded Turf Type Tall Fescue (TTTF) to me mowed at primary rough height. Unlike Hard Fescue, the TTTF grows faster and fills in rapidly. Barring any unforseen weather events the TTTF will be fully established in late spring. As can be seen in this photo it is already well established just a few weeks after seeding.

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