Friday, October 10, 2014

Secondary Rough Seeding

We have been very pleased with germination of the Hard Fescue that has been seeded thus far. In an upcoming post I will discuss what can be expected in terms of results for the next 1-3 years. For now I'd like to give some insight into how the seeding is actually done.

Most of the secondary rough is on steep hills and requires an enormous amount of hand work to prep and seed. Therefore we obtained a machine that can do most of this work for us in an efficient and safe manner. It is called a Ventrac and has a seeder/aeravator attachment.

The machine has 8 tires and sits low to the ground. The spikes on the aeravator vibrate when lowered into the ground providing a nice seedbed. At the same time that the aeravator is working, seed is dropping from the seed box on top working it's way into the soil.

While there are still some areas that need to be done by hand, the majority of the work is done with this machine making it a much more efficient process.

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