Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#18 Durabunker Construction Day #1

Yesterday (Monday) Southeastern Golf had two experienced personnel arrive to help with the Durabunker installation. Miguel has more experience than anyone in the United States constructing these types of bunkers and we are fortunate he was working with Southeastern on a project nearby in Maryland. He immediately had us set-up a system to cut the pieces of material so they would fit the shape of the bunker.

The material, which is impregnated with sand needs to be constantly wet during the cutting and installation process in order to not lose the sand. Therefore a system was set-up with hoses for this purpose.

There are two types of cuts made. Depending on whether the bunker shape moves inward or outward.

The upper piece in the above picture is what the Durabunker arrives as. The next piece in the picture has two straight cuts made about 1 inch from the top of the material so when laid the piece can be fit along an inward facing curve. The third piece from the top is the second type of cut made in which two triangles are removed. These pieces are laid to fit along an outward facing curve. An example of this is the bottom piece in the above picture. I will try and illustrate how these cuts are used through pictures of the installation process in another post.

Finally yesterday, some fine shaping was started on the bunker itself.

The plan for Tuesday is the finish the fine shaping and get the base made and compacted where the Durabunker will be laid. We will also continue to cut the pieces of the Durabunker material in preparation for the beginning of installation which should occur late Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

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