Thursday, March 24, 2016

Durabunker Construction Day #3

After a couple of hours in the morning of cutting pieces the entire crew went to #18 for installation.

The goal is to use as little as backfill as possible behind the Durabunker material. As seen in the picture below Miguel is building the stack sod bunker as close to the existing soil as possible.

Our golf course architect David Whelchel was onsite Tuesday and Wednesday to ensure the design matched the original intent of the bunker when he did the layout for Fieldstone in 1998 while working with Hurdzan/Fry.

An important design decision that he made was to double stack the Durabunker material. Two pieces of Durabunker are laid on top of each other vertically. Then the next row up is offset slightly back so the wall is at a roughly 60-65 degree angle giving it additional strength compared to a wall built at 90 degrees. This picture shows an up close view of the stacking.

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