Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cart Path Only Until Rainfall

Since July 31 Fieldstone has received 1.25 inches of rain versus an average during this time period of approximately 4 inches. During the past almost 40 days we have experienced above average temperatures. Lack of rain and higher temperatures have caused drought conditions here at the course. Due to lack of water in our wells (Water Supply for Irrigation System) our irrigation pond is quite low which has caused us to reduce our water use to only greens, tees and newly seeded/sodded areas.

Due to these conditions we have made the difficult decision to go cart path only until we have a rainfall event of 0.25 inches or more. The irrigation lake that supplies our irrigation system currently looks like this.

When the pond is full (1.2 million gallons) it looks like this.

When the fairways become too dry and carts drive on them damage occurs such as this.

The turf injury that has occurred in the above photo can take quite some time to recover.

July did produce an average amount of rainfall spread across the entire month. It takes approximately 90 days for that rainfall to reach our wells 500 feet in the ground.

We are currently working with a geologist to determine the best solution for our short and long term water needs.

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