Thursday, September 1, 2016

Late Summer 2016 Fall Aerification Wrap-Up

As of 6 pm Wednesday night the greens and tees have been aerified and cleaned. Topdressing sand was applied to greens along with soil amendments. The staff worked 40 hours over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to complete the task. We even got a break in the weather after three hot days and received some much needed rain Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

The Greensweeps mentioned in last week's post were a success. Like anything it took us some time to get a system in place to maximize it's benefits. The results have been outstanding.

We used less sand, reduced any possible injury to the turf from brushing and have nicely filled holes with sand. This process did take longer than brushing. Am planning on purchasing two additional units to speed up the process for next year.

We will be applying fertilizer to the greens Friday morning to help with recovery. Next week there are several tees that we will topdress with sand. Also, on Tuesday we will begin seeding thin areas on greens and tees.

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  1. Great job by you and your crew. Fieldstone is lucky to have you.