Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Upcoming Aerification

Hopefully everyone has read the notice about our upcoming aerification. If not, it can be found here: Upcoming Aerification A change we are going to do this year which will improve both the turf health and the playability of the green's surface immediately after topdressing is how we work the topdressing sand into the greens.

The standard method that we have used to work topdressing sand into the holes is to take a golf cart and pull a broom behind it while driving on the green.

We have also taken our debris blowers and pulled them behind golf carts to work sand into the holes on the greens. While successful in working the sand into the holes, it does cause extra stress to the turf from the carts driving on the surface of the greens.

In order to accomplish aerification without stressing the turf we have come up with another method to work the sand into the holes. Assistant Superintendent Matt Smith has used an attachment to a walk behind blower at previous golf courses he has worked at. It is called a Green Sweep and was developed by the superintendent at Milwaukee Country Club. After doing some research this product looks like it will produce a better sand distribution into the holes, deliver less stress to the turf, and allow better playability of the greens after aerification and topdressing.

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