Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16, 2016 Update @ 12:00 pm

The excessive heat warning from the past 5 days has been extended until today. Notice in this map how the humidity is higher here then points South which is why we are under a warning and other areas a less severe advisory.

We are using our debris blowers on greens to improve air movement. The worst areas continue to remain wet, even without irrigation. This is due to lack of sun and air movement causing the soil to heat the roots. Wilt, especially bentgrass, recovers well when water is applied. While we do see some wilting in fairways, mainly from rocks being near the surface, the greens are seeing what is called Summer Bentgrass Decline. An article describing this can be found here: Summer Bentgrass Decline

At this time we have turned off the wells that go into our irrigation pond to allow them some time to recharge. Tomorrow morning we will re-check them to see if they are again putting out sufficient enough levels of water to fill the pond. This does not effect our handwatering efforts but does reduce the amount of watering in the evenings on fairways, tees and roughs.

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