Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Update on #4 Fairway, #6 Green and #11 Green

#4 Fairway

This morning we double groomed areas on #4 fairway. These areas are where we saw some yellowing from the herbicide that was applied. The bentgrass is green and growing underneath, but to promote additional growth we groomed these areas to remove old plant tissue and allow sunlight to enter the canopy of the turf. Additional amounts of nitrogen fertilizer will be applied on a light and frequent basis to promote recovery.

#6 Green

Assistant Superitendent Matt Smith, with a small group of staff, removed approximately half of the back left corner on #6 green. 12 inches of sand rootzone was removed, drainage moved and topsoil added.

The sandy area was seeded to bentgrass and will become the collar. Where there is topsoil, Turf Type Tall Fescue was planted for rough.

#11 Green and Fairway

As can be seen from this picture there is lots of good germination happening along the outside of the green.

Also on Monday, Matt and crew dug out a portion of the fairway just below the right hand side fairway bunker and replaced the rocky soil with topsoil, then seeded with creeping bentgrass.

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