Monday, February 20, 2017

Course Update 2.20.17

-We have completed underbrush removal to the left of #5 and #7 greens. In the future undergrowth will be removed along the entire length of each of these holes. In the spring we will treat the remaining stumps with a systemic herbicide to ensure no regrowth occurs.

-The area to the right of #9 tees which was temporarily used as an area to place material has been leveled.

There is a pile of branches that need to be chipped then spread out over this area. Natural regrowth will begin this summer and after a few years this area will be as if it hadn't been touched.

-Clean-up of leaves and branches throughout the course has begun. Emphasis on cleaning leaves from the Secondary Roughs so as much pre-emergent herbicide that is applied this Spring will be able to reach the soil.

-This week I will have a blog post describing our plans for the area between #6 and #13 where tree removal occurred.

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