Friday, February 17, 2017

Storm Water Pipe Repair

Last December we had a camera inspect our storm water pipes for corrosion and any other defects. The pipe that is connected to the inlet structure on #5 pond had small holes in the bottom of the pipe allowing groundwater to enter. Delaying repair would allow these holes to become bigger and multiply in number. While the long term plans do call for making this pond into an area that is more playable, the pipe would still be used to discharge water and therefore needed to be repaired.

A fiberglass material was used to bond to the corrugated metal pipe and thus fill the holes.  In order to get the material into the pipe, a plug is inflated and the material plus the chemicals used to harden the fiberglass are wrapped around the plug and inserted into the pipe.

Once in place, the plug is inflated to its full capacity so the fiberglass can adhere to the walls of the pipe.

After two hours the plug is deflated and removed.

The pipe is now sealed and ready.

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