Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Clubhouse Fire Pit Propane Tank Installation

With the vision of GM Jerome Louie and the supervision of Assistant Superintendent Matt Smith, the installation of a fire pit behind the clubhouse has begun.

Yesterday the propane tank was put in place and the excavation for the pavers and fire pit itself was completed.

On April 10th the placement of the pavers and fire pit will be done by ProGreen Landscapes of Delaware

We decided to take advantage of having the mini-excavator onsite to prep the area for the pavers and fire pit even though installation is not until April 10th.

Some pictures of what was accomplished.

Plenty of rock at Fieldstone while digging the hole for the propane tank

Placement of the tank. The white bag is an anode that is placed inside the hole and connected to the tank to prevent corrosion.

Tank in place.

Backfilled and ready for mulch and landscaping.

Barberry bushes removed

Ready for installation

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