Friday, March 24, 2017

Cultural Practices for Fairway Improvement

Starting April 10 a contractor will be coming to Fieldstone to verticut and aerify fairways. This is something that very much excites us as we know these important cultural practices will enhance the playing quality of the golf course moving forward.

The benefits of aeration are widely known and by doing so in the Spring a quicker recovery is expected. While we verticut greens often, the fairways have not had this done to them in quite some time. Possibly not for over 10 years. Therefore, the first few times this occurs it may be a bit messy with the amount of thatch and leaf removal that will occur. Over time, once the practice has occurred on a routine basis the messy portion of the process will lessen. In the meantime, the verticutting process will help firm up the fairways and improve overall plant health.

Here is the machine that will be used with photos and a video to familiarize with the process.

Fairway Verticutting

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