Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cart Paths, Stone Work and Soil Temps

This weekend we are removing broken concrete and forming these areas to pour concrete on Monday and Tuesday. This will temporarily inconvenience the flow of certain holes, especially #13 and #14 but by next weekend we hope to be driving on these new paths. Here's a look at some concrete removal on hole #13:

The next time you are playing hole #15 look to the right of the cart path as you are going to the green and you will see what is the beginning of a stone spring house. White Oak Landscape is creating this to look as if it's been there for quite some type as the source for the flowing stream. Here is what it looks like now:

Finally, just a quick note on soil temperatures. The temperature of the soil is really what is key to getting the turf to grow. This mean sustained temperatures above 50 degrees both day and night. While a day or two of warm weather helps, it's the temperature below the ground that determines when the turf begins to grow and break out of it's winter dormancy.

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