Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reflectors and Wire Pulling

We have added reflectors to each flag stick on the golf course. They are located above the flag and for those of you who use laser range finders it will be much easier to get distances to the flags.
Yesterday we were able to get the high voltage wire pulled to the new well and up to the halfway house. Because of the wet conditions some on-site ingenuity had to be used. Normally a large line truck is used to pull the wire through. Due to the wet conditions a smaller piece of equipment needed to be used. So the rope used to pull the wire through was wrapped around the tracks of a mini-excavator and pulled through.

This made it much easier to do the work without having to bring heavy equipment onto the actual golf course. The connections are scheduled to be made this Monday to have power available to the new well, water features and halfway house. Once the electrical work is completed inside the halfway house and the water features are set we will be able to power them up.

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