Friday, April 15, 2011

Creek Project Update-4.15.11

With the new concrete cart paths poured we are at the beginning of the end for the creek project. The Springhouse at the top of the creek to the right of #15 green is looking really good. This is where the source of the water will come from and is being built to look as ruins. Here's a picture of how it is progressing:

Another area in which I get questions is in front of #13 green. This area will not have running water. But it will have water in it after rains. Bill Duncan from White Oak Landscaping has chosen a nice selection of native plants and shrubs to install throughout the project. These plants are scheduled to begin installation next week. Once mature the area in front of #13 green will look dramatically different. Here's how it looks now:

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for Opening Day. Please do not hesitate to stop and ask me any questions or if you'd like to share a comment.

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