Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot, Hazy and Humid

The early season heat wave has come at a bad time for us as we try to fill our irrigation lake. We are fortunate to have the additional well that was dug as part of the creek project over the winter. However, with the high heat we are unable to sustain the amount of water needed in the lake to match the needed output on the golf course. The 0.5" of rain received last night did help. But it came in such a short amount of time that it did not give us the soaking effect needed. Hopefully some showers will come in over the weekend to help out as well.

Big priority now is recovery of turf in fairways from the stress. Lots of dormant turf out there but the roots and crowns of the plants are fine. This Monday we will go out with some additional nutrients to get these areas to recover faster. With the cooler weather we should see recovery in the next week.

Also, we have a new tool to use for dry areas that occur throughout the course. They are micro-jets that we can put together easily that will only water the areas needed. This is much more efficient then the irrigation heads which cover a diameter of about 160 ft. Here's a picture of what the micro-jets look like in action:

Notice how we can position them so that they are only in the dry area where it is needed. Our goal is to put them out first thing in the mornings then to pull them out once golfers arrive to the hole in which they are placed.

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