Friday, June 3, 2011

Irrigation Lake Update #2

Done! After several very long days the inlet pipe into our pump station is fixed and we are back to filling up the irrigation lake. Here's how it got fixed. First is a picture of the new strainer that goes on the end of the inlet pipe:

Here is a picture of the inside of the strainer showing the nozzles which clean it:

Here is a picture of the mechanical joint going on which will connect to the flange that goes around the PVC inlet pipe:

Now the flange is connected to the mechanical joint and the stand is put on so the strainer does not sit directly on the bottom of the lake:

Now the entire piece is rolled out to the boat to be taken out into the lake. Pictured are Assistant Superintendent Donovan Maquigan (in black shirt) and intern David Smith (green shirt) bringing it to the boat:

I was unable to take pictures of us putting the strainer on the end of the inlet pipe since I was in the boat. But it went on fine and we are now filling up the lake from our wells.

A huge thank you goes out to Rob McFadden, our Specialty Technician, for all his hard work and effort the past few days. He did all this while having a less then one week old baby at home. Please give him a thank you when you see him on the course.

Thanks Rob!!!!!

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