Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Happening in the Irrigation Lake Next to #1 Green?

Yesterday morning we arrived to the golf course to find this:

This is the inlet pipe that takes water from the lake and moves it into the pump station. There is a 13 ft. wet well that has two turbines that then takes the water and moves it out into the golf course for irrigation. It also connects to the bathrooms at the halfway house.

So why is it floating? What happened is the screen at the end of this pipe got clogged.

There is a self-cleaning mechanism that failed on the inside of the screen. Once clogged the pumps sucked in air which caused a pressure build up which then pulled the pipe away from itself near the shoreline.

Here's a picture of myself and our Specialty Technician, Rob McFadden, looking at the clogged screen:

In order to correct this problem we have ordered a new strainer. This will arrive tomorrow (Friday). In the meantime we are lowering the water level in the pond so we can reconnect the pipe from where it pulled out. In order for us to continue to water the necessary areas on the golf course our Head Mechanic, Greg Taylor, came up with the idea to pump the water from the lake directly into the wet well so we can still use the irrigation system. This is Assistant Superintendent Billy Hierman monitoring the process:

Will update later today as to how everything is going.

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