Thursday, October 15, 2015

#11 Drainage Update

We have added the drainage around the green as per our plan plus the new drainage basin just in the front of the green. There is still an outlet drain line that needs to be added to remove the water that reaches the new basin. Sod will arrive Friday morning for the green to finish up. Afterwards, we will move to the front of #8 next week after aerification.

While digging the drainage along the edge of the green we discovered multiple sod layers in the upper soil profile.

The orange and red arrows point to clay, the yellow to sand. If you go from top to bottom there are multiple layers preventing roots, nutrients and water from going deeper into the soil. Our goal is to hollow core aerify greens edges and collars more often to provide channels for air, roots, water and nutrients to penetrate deeper and provide a better stand of turf.

Also, you will notice that we are bringing out the green to it's original edge in the front and on the right making the green slightly larger per it's original design.

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