Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Drainage Work at #11 Green

We have a lot of working going on currently along the edge of #11 green. For simplicity we have broken the project into three parts which I will describe using the picture below.

Part one, which is noted in the color purple has been completed except for the sodding. This was the same process as we did on #6 where we excavated the existing drain pipe, made sure if was graded correctly and added pea gravel around the pipe.

Part two is represented with the blue line in the photo. We are adding a drain in the area to both catch what's going off the green in the low spot and what's coming onto the green in the high spot. This will be connected to the nearby catch basin.

The final part is noted with the red line and orange circle. We are going to add a drain, extend the green a few feet to it's original size, grade correctly then add a drain inlet where the orange circle is. This drain inlet will go where there is currently no turf due to wet conditions.

Will be following up with detailed photos of the work.

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