Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall 2015 Aerification

For this year's greens aerification we had a different approach than normal. We topdressed the greens first, then aerified the greens. The reasoning to do it this way is that the greens become soft after aerification and the tires from the machine which spreads the sand causes ruts. 

We are pleased with the results and actually found that the holes are easier to fill this way with sand.

Monday was a tough day to aerify due to a long frost delay than mechanical issues with one of our aerifiers and the topdresser. The topdresser was able to be repaired in a few hours but we are still waiting on parts for the aerifier. Even so, all greens were finished on Tuesday afternoon along with tees on four holes. The goal now is to finish tees by the end of this week.

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